Blogging: Why You Should Do It

To Blog Or Not To Blog

Blogging, the connotation of this word has certainly changed in the past ten years. Years ago bloggers were considered by most as random people on the internet writing about things that people weren’t going to read. If you wanted real news you would go to CNN or MSNBC, watch the news on TV or read the newspaper. If you wanted information about a particular topic you would visit a more official website. Now-a-days a lot of news stories on TV are pulled from blogs. Katie Couric, the famous news anchor has said she gets a lot of her articles and topics from twitter followers and bloggers. So, want to learn more about blogging and why you should do it? Let’s get started!

The Beauty of Blogging

The beauty of having a blog is you don’t have to be proper, you don’t have to put yourself in a box to meet standards. See watch this…damn… I can’t write that in a magazine or newspaper. But, here… I can. I can even start a sentence with “but” and get away with it, “MUUUUAAAHHH!” A blog is your own thoughts, opinions and ideals to be shared with the world or in private. I believe a blog is the modern day journal. Our society is more accepting to sharing our lives with complete strangers, we see it everyday, hello Facebook and Twitter. What you write about is completly up to you. There is no topic that is off limits, no subject that is out of reach.

Why Bloggers Are Considered Experts

More and more we find that blog writers are considered experts on various topics. Some of the most visited sites on the internet are, surprise you guessed it…blogs! Think Perez Hilton, Mashable, Engadget, Gawker, TMZ. Scandalous, fabulous, informative, exclusive. The blog world allows you to captivate and communicate with readers around the world. Next time you turn on the “tele” and there is an expert talking about a topic more often then not they are a writer for a blog (minus the academic people brought in). Why are bloggers considered experts? It’s simple, they write and talk about their given topic often. That’s all an expert is when you break away all the prestigious titles and hooblah, sorry but not sorry.

What This Means For You

Whether you have a business, looking to build a brand, or have a love for dogs, there are people around the world who also share those same interests, need that product your selling or just want to be a part of something bigger then them. Why not give them that outlet through your blog! For me personally, maintaining a blog has allowed me to cover events I wouldn’t have access to otherwise, talk to people I wouldn’t be able to talk to. A blog allows you to provide coverage and relay information that traditional TV, newspapers and magazines can’t provide.

Where to start

Blogs aren’t that complicated to setup. It takes a few minutes to get one up and running. Sites such as:

allow you to create free blogs armed with a email address and a password. For those who wish to customize your blog don’t worry you can do that too.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Start blogging today. Don’t get discouraged initially if no one is reading your blog, if you want to learn some of the tips and tricks I used to build traffic to my blog, click here. As you get better at delivering awesome content the views will pour in like honey.  Don’t believe me just watch.

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