The First 48, What Do You Talk About?

Great People Talk Ideas

Great People Talk About Ideas

Have you ever found yourself sitting with your friends as they talk about the guy who wears the same jeans everyday which makes him uncool. Maybe the discussion is about the “new girl” and how her hair  and makeup looks today. These types of discussion usually begin in middle school and continues until the day we die. Whether you are 8 or 88, people will find a way to talk about others.

Looking at the picture above, where would you place yourself? In 24 hours, what is a majority of your time spent discussing? Are you thinking and brainstorming ideas and ways to make your life better or are you caught up discussing the latest Drake and Beyonce rumor?

Do you want to be considered a small or average person for the rest of your life? Do you want to leave a lasting legacy with tales of your generosity and how you helped impact someones life? Great people talk about ideas and take action in order to make them a reality. Average people talk about things, such as the latest Instagram meme and YouTube videos. Small people talk about other people: friends, peers, celebrities, the list goes on.

No matter where you currently are on this list, becoming great is simpler then you may believe…don’t believe me? Well you can read about it here!

I’ll leave you with this, do you want to be great or are you okay settling for whatever life gives you? Let your voice be heard in the comments below.

Chris 'The Startup Superhero' Coleman is a young serial entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and author who believes that helping people to develop and form a positive self-image and outlook on life will help propel them to achieving their dreams and goals. As a young entrepreneur who is leading by example and looking to change the world, he seeks to help motivate others to go after their dreams and create the lifestyle they desire. He has been written about in multiple global publications and featured on various YouTube interviews and podcast and blog post. He has even written an Amazon Best Selling eBook. Learn More

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