Once The Dust Has Settled

dust settled

You cannot wallow in self-reflection forever. Once the dust has settled and you’ve studied the errors you’ve made, find your center and get back out there.

I can remember it like it was yesterday. A simple text message that would change my life forever. While I won’t dive into what the text said I can compare it to this: have you ever read or been told something that felt like someone kicked you so hard in the stomach that you couldn’t breath? The impact of the news caused you to double over, lose your sense of balance and curl in the fetal position for days on end. If you haven’t…good! It is a feeling that I told myself I would never ever be subjected to again.

For months I walked around with a smile on my face but ice in my veins and hatred in my heart. My weight ballooned to over 200 pounds, I had no money to my name and my confidence was pretty much shot in every aspect of life. I began doing things that would take the pain away temporarily (no mom I did not do drugs). It was a cop out but better then facing the situation head on, at least that’s what I thought at the time. As I fell deeper into this weird state of being I realized two things: 1. I could keep saying how shitty the world was and let life take me wherever it wanted or 2. I could pick myself up, dust myself off and jump back onto the path I set out to accomplish. I choose option number 2 and with that in mind I set out on a journey to find myself.

My journey allowed me to discover things I never knew about myself. I was able to examine my life in a manner like never before. Looking inward I realized what I really wanted to do with my life, how I was going to do it and how that would help a lot of people around the world (more about that later).

First things first, I plunged into a ridiculous reading binge, reading material such as Pyscho-Cybernatics by Maxwell Maltz, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, the 4 Hr Workweek by Tim Ferriss, Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky, Think Like A Billionaire, Become A Billionaire by Scot Anderson, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, the Steve Jobs Biography, Tony Dungy’s Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, and Priorities of a Winning Life and many more.

As I consumed all of this knowledge my spirits slightly began to become uplifted as I was empowering myself. I learned to value my everyday successes which were pushing me towards the huge goals I had in mind but I was still lacking something, I was unhealthy on a large scale. Gone were my collegiate cross country/track running days where I could easily run 20 miles a day. I was starting from the bottom and I looked to work off this unsettling weight. I teamed up with an old high school buddy of mine who is now a personal trainer and was soon at the gym at 7am, 4 times a week. The first day I almost threw up numerous times throughout the workout and I’ve never thrown up from any type of workout (boy did I have a long road ahead of me).

For the next 4 months, I did not go out during the weekends and my eating habits dramatically changed. After 4 months of reading, meditating, visualizing and working out, I began feeling a little bit like my old self but the end goal was to become a better me. I still possessed hate in heart and I was not very trusting of many people. I wanted to dispel that hatred and continue to move forward with my life, so what did I do? I looked at went wrong and forgave myself for the actions I had committed which resulted in the situation happening in the first place. After that I finally begin to have breakthroughs in all areas of my life!

My blog which I had been writing for over a year began seeing more traffic. I began making connections with people in the tech spectrum as well as the blogging-sphere. Things really started to take in June when I was first interviewed online for a show (A Passion Series) by someone I now consider a friend. At that moment I knew what I was attempting to do was bigger than me and I should treat it as such. My blog turned from keeping up with my daily life to life hacking tips to overcome any obstacle and go after your passion.

Later I created Champion Connections in order to tell the stories of others and as a result of it have met some amazing people from all around the world! Recently one of my readers from Morocco reached out to me how much she enjoyed my post and advice! This is truly a blessing.


Since the recovery from my downward spiral, I have written a book, become an adviser for someone’s business (how weird is that!), have done consulting work for people writing ebooks, spoken at schools, career fairs and for smaller groups, received funding for my tech startup, SavySwap, been featured in the newspaper and multiple online web shows and even moved to North Carolina to join an self directed learning program.

I do not say these things to impress you but to impress upon you that if I can do it…you can do it. (Tweet It)

Oddly enough, someone recently said to me, “Chris if you ever did reach your goal of becoming a multi-millionaire by 25 you would probably blow it all away.” To that statement I simply say this, no one truly knows anyone’s struggle to reaching their goals. “Sacrifice is giving up something of lesser value for something of greater value. The only goals you never achieve are the ones you never attempt,” so am I wrong for attempting to change my life and live the lifestyle I desire and deserve from the work I’ve put in?

I believe I’m not wrong to think that and that’s all that matters. So why did I write this post at 3 in the morning? It’s to show you that the person I am now isn’t the person I once was. I wanted to change so I did change! If a little kid from Philly can make something out of nothing so can each and every one of you. Here’s some inspiration to get you moving!

Chris 'The Startup Superhero' Coleman is a young serial entrepreneur, speaker, motivator and author who believes that helping people to develop and form a positive self-image and outlook on life will help propel them to achieving their dreams and goals. As a young entrepreneur who is leading by example and looking to change the world, he seeks to help motivate others to go after their dreams and create the lifestyle they desire. He has been written about in multiple global publications and featured on various YouTube interviews and podcast and blog post. He has even written an Amazon Best Selling eBook. Learn More

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