Inner Reflection- Being Grateful


As I sat in my bed this morning in my new home for the next nine months in beautiful Black Mountain, NC I was filled with an overwhelming feeling; before I did anything I took a moment to reflect and look inward and be grateful for all the things I have in my life.


Black Mountain Range


All too often we look at the things that aren’t going well in our lives but we tend to not appreciate the great things that we have. Whether it is friends, family, a job, etc,. all of these things should not be taken for granted. We are constantly brought down by the news of imminent war, a devastating economy, a gruesome murder among other things. I do not say this to brush it off but are you still alive? If so, why not spend the time 1. being thankful that you saw another day 2. find ways that you can change a situation that you are passionate about and 3. taking action and doing something to about it.

So when you have that feeling that the world is against you (because your professor gave you an 8 page paper), or that your day at work can’t end fast enough, remember this…someone didn’t wake up today to have that opportunity to even worry about those things. Someone is out there praying and wishing they had a job, food to eat, clothes to wear. So be thankful, continue to make yourself better each and every day and don’t take time to entertain the negativity of this world or the negative thoughts that your mind will whip up.

Leave a comment below of what your thankful for (it can be something big or small).


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