How To Write And Publish An eBook For Amazon Kindle

Publishing An eBook

Are you wondering how to write and publish an eBook for Amazon Kindle?

Many of us have downloaded eBooks from the Amazon Store or Barnes and Nobles but you may not know how to write and publish an ebook for free.

The concept is simple and after I’m done you’ll know how to publish an eBook for Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Best Sellers List

Amazon complies a list of the best selling eBooks and books so that you can see what people are reading and buying. How does this help us to write and publish an eBook for Amazon Kindle? Well you don’t have to recreate the wheel, simply make the wheel better. Here’s the steps to using the Amazon Kindle Best Sellers List to find ideas for your book:

*These steps work best for Non-Fiction, Reference and How-To Guides*

  • Google Amazon Kindle Best Sellers List
  • Click on Kindle eBooksClick on Non-Fiction
  • Unless you are looking to give away your book for free, we only want to focus on the top 100 paid
  • Depending on the type of book you wish to write will determine which category you will click
  • Once you find a book or topic that you believe is a good fit, you click on the link
    • I will mention that categories such as Diet and Health, unless you are a celebrity, a big name publisher, well respected author or have an amazing new diet technique that the world has never seen, I suggest you look elsewhere
  • Next you want to find how crowded this current niche is
  • From there read the reviews and scroll down to see the Amazon paid rank
    • A rule of thumb: a book under 30,000 in rank is great!
  • Type in the title into the Amazon search and check the results
    • Less then 15 eBook results is great, this means there is little competition!

Using Google Keywords

I mentioned above how to use Amazon Kindle Best Sellers List to find a topic. With that being said, there are hundreds of thousands of eBooks and books currently on Amazon, so how do you determine what is a good title to use? You have to realize that Amazon is technically a big search engine similar to Google or Bing. People search for various products using certain keywords. Knowing this information we want to use it to our advantage in order to write and publish an eBook.

Head over to Google Adwords Keyword Tool and your screen should look something like this:

Google Keyword

Now, if you already have your Amazon Kindle eBook idea, use this tool to confirm your topic and what words to use in your title, otherwise use Google Keywords to figure out exactly what words are searched most and base your topic around that.

Enter a word or phrase in the correct box. Maybe the phrase is, how to write a business book or how to write and publish an ebook in 7 days. Google will provide you with statistical data on how often that keyword is searched each month locally (in your country) as well as globally. By signing in using your gmail account you can receive related keywords to whatever keyword you already typed in. that will increase the number of keywords you have access to.

Google Related Keywords

The higher the number of global searches the easier it will be for people to find your book when searching on Google.

Now that you know how to use Amazon Kindle Best Sellers List and Google Keywords you are equipped with the tools on how to write and publish an eBook for Amazon Kindle and before you know it you’ll be an eBook author. Tomorrow I will teach you how to enroll in Amazon Kindle direct publishing review which can help your book perform well in the Amazon Kindle store.

Leave your comments below if this guide was of any use or with any tips or tricks you have used.

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