How Bad Do You Want It

I have already talked about taking the first step and why you deserve to be successful, but there’s something else I wanted to touch on. Something that goes behind how strong your “why” is for doing something. What I wanted to talk about is…how bad do you want it? How bad do you wish to become the next big actresses, the next big artist, dancer, photographer, musician, business person, real estate mogul, etc. How hard are you willing to work after you’ve worked your 9-5 and feel like you can’t do anything else. Gary Vaynerchuk once said, “7 to 2 in the morning is plenty of time to do damage.” But are you willing to put in that work? Are you willing to go that far.

Are you willing to look past all the nay-sayers,doubters and those who were once on the same path but failed. Are you willing to go against the grain, against people who will try to deter you from pursuing your dream. Will you let a lack of energy, connections, experiences, or mentors extinguish your flame?

A simple way to test yourself is to fill up a tub of ice and sit in it for five minutes. If you aren’t willing to step into the tub, you are like a majority of the population, too afraid to experience displeasure. If you decide to get out of the tub after a few minutes, you are like 30% of the population, willing to stick with an idea while things are going well but once they hit a roadblock or once they can’t feel your hands or feet anymore they jump out, they quit. Ladies and gentlemen, warmth is the finish line, where your goal lies. If you can stick it out those long, dreadful, cold five minutes, you have proven something. You have proven to yourself that you can make it, you can do it! No matter what obstacle comes my way, no matter what challenge life throws at me, no matter what setback I endure, I will survive.

I’ll end with this…how bad do you want it? How bad do you wish to do something? How bad do you wish to change your life?  How bad do you want the life that you desire? How bad are you willing to work for it? Take the plunge.

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