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  • Examining my life I too wanted to declare three things that I need each day: something to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase.

    Three Things That I Need Each Day

    At the 2014 Oscars, Matthew McConaughey gave a profound speech. During his talk he mentioned three things that he needs each day: someone to look up to, something to look forward to and someone to chase. Examining my life I too wanted to declare those three things that I need each day but with my […]

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  • 7 Principles I Live My Life By

    As I mentioned in my last blog post, this past weekend I spoke at L.I.F.E Course’s 15 Annual Youth Conference. It was quite the experience! This morning I woke up and did my daily affirmations and was checking my emails as I headed into the office. Sandwiched between some spammy emails and an Amazon ad […]

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  • Open your eyes and see what it is in front of you, learn to cherish it! Things will not change immediately, but over time you will see the value.

    Open Your Eyes And See What Is In Front Of You

    This past Saturday I was invited to speak at the 15th Annual LIFE Courses Youth Conference in Oakland. Not only was it a great experience but it really helped me put things into perspective. Standing in front of that room with over 200 youth and parents keyed in on every word that I spoke, seeing […]

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  • 11 Jobs You’ll Never Guess I Had

    I was always taught, “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”┬áThis post came about because someone asked me, “Are you ever just a relaxed 22 yr old kid who doesn’t talk about goals and motivational stuff for a minute?” I thought to myself, well […]

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  • Being The Underdog

    Anyone that knows me will tell you that growing up I always wanted to dance like Michael Jackson. I used to study and imitate his every move. At any time you could walk into my room and find me in an open-collared shirt, with a white t-shirt underneath, hehe’ing, grabbing my crotch and gyrating in […]

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  • Year Of The Gentleman

    There is one day every year that sends people into disarray. Pictures are posted, statuses are updated, tweets are blasted and videos are uploaded. This day is an all out war between couples and singles…this day is Valentines Day. As I have done for the past two Valentine’s that I’ve been single I take this […]

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